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Original Series Self Tanners

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Luxurious lotions, that bathes your skin in the rich emollients of Aloe Vera and Jojoba.


Light Moisture Tan


Our lighter version of Moisture Tan perfect for fair skin

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Medium "The Original"


This is our "ORIGINAL" medium shade self tanner

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Dark Moisture Tan with Bronzer


A darker version of moisture tan with added bronzer

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Anti-Aging Series

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premium age-defying, paraben-free formulas made with organic ingredients.


Light Small Batch Self Tanner

Age defying light to medium  self tanner with...

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Medium Small Batch Self Tanner

Age defying medium to dark self tanner with...

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Dark Tanning Mousse

Dark anti-aging bronzing self tanning Mousse is...

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Why Dave's Famous Tanner?

Why Dave’s Famous Tanner?

Famous Dave’s Natural Looking Self Tanner has received glowing worldwide accolades: Cosmo’s 10 best list,  5 Star rating from Now Magazine, labeled “favorite” at Marie Claire TOP 10 in Look Magazine, Daily Mirror’s 10/10 score and many more.

For over 20 years Famous Dave’s has had a proven record of uncompromised, highly rated self tanners that have made even the most skeptical customer a fan of self tanning.

Famous Dave’s Tanner has been the only self tanner on the market with 20,000+ documented reviews! We’ve been working nonstop fine-tuning our self tanning products until we’ve reached what we firmly believe is

the best self tanner you can buy in a bottle.

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I recommend it to people whenever I can and I really do believe it’s the best tanner out there.  I’ve been using since around 1999!

Anne M.

The service you are delivering has been lost in America, I am a BIG TIME consumer and I know! Thanks again

Joseph S.

When it comes to cosmetics and skincare. I am very picky and most do not make the cut, however I am so impressed with this product

Amanda G.